The Best Suzuki Cars for Families – Comfortable and Spacious Options

What makes a good family car? The ideal family car strikes a balance between comfort and capacity. You need enough seats for everyone and enough cargo space for all the ‘stuff’ that comes with kids, and maybe even the family dog!  
Two Suzuki XL6's side view. Sold by Thorp Suzuki

What makes a good family car? The ideal family car strikes a balance between comfort and capacity. You need enough seats for everyone and enough cargo space for all the ‘stuff’ that comes with kids, and maybe even the family dog!  

A roomy, comfortable interior translates to smoother daily commutes, less stress on long trips, less driver fatigue, and a more relaxed, happier family. Whether it’s for the daily school run, shopping, a Sunday outing, or a family holiday, Thorp Suzuki South Africa has the perfect set of wheels for you! 

Suzuki’s impressive stable is chock-full of outstanding vehicles that offer that extra legroom and boot space you need, without sacrificing fuel efficiency, safety, or superb handling.  

Best Suzuki Cars for Families

Suzuki XL6 

The stylish, safe and comfortable Suzuki XL6 elevates the whole people-mover experience. Here’s what it offers you:   

  • 6-Seater Capacity: The XL6’s captain seats in the middle row offer a touch of luxury and extra comfort, especially for longer journeys. 
  • Flexible Cargo Space: Its generous boot space is ideal for everyday needs and can be dramatically increased by folding the rear seats down.  
  • Stylish Design: The XL6’s bold exterior and elegant interior details distinguish it from the average people mover. While it offers a really practical design, it also oozes style with its modern, eye-catching aesthetic! 

Suzuki Grand Vitara 

The Suzuki Grand Vitara offers the perfect blend of a stylish city vehicle that also handles weekend adventures and exploring the outdoors. It comes with: 

  • 5-Seater Capacity: Provides comfortable seating for a family or group of friends, making it ideal for everyday use and excursions. 
  • Good Luggage Capacity: The 398 L boot offers ample space for daily errands and luggage for trips. 
  • Stylish Focus: The Grand Vitara boasts a modern and dynamic design that stands out in every environment. 
  • Ready for Adventure: Its higher ground clearance and available All Wheel Drive (GLX model) make it a proficient companion for light off-roading, getting you to campsites or trailheads with ease. 

Our rugged Suzuki S-Presso likewise has good ground clearance to help you and your family explore more, be it the open road or the city’s urban jungle. 

Suzuki Ertiga 

The Suzuki Ertiga is the ultimate spacious people mover, making it a top choice for larger families. It offers: 

  • 7-Seater Capacity: With three rows of seating, the Ertiga comfortably accommodates up to seven passengers – ideal for car-pooling or large or blended families. 
  • Flexible Cargo Space: Whilst the boot space is limited with all the seats up, the Ertiga’s flexible seating is one of its strong suits. Foldable seats in the second and third row dramatically expand the cargo area. 
  • Perfect People Mover: The Ertiga prioritises the needs of families with ample leg- and headroom, easy entry and exit, and plenty of storage to maximise comfort and convenience. 

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door 

The Suzuki Jimny 5-Door is where compact and affordable meets adventure. This makes it ideal for a small family looking to get off the boring old beaten track! It retains the beloved Jimny spirit of a tough, no-fuss adventure machine, whilst adding more practicality. It comes with: 

  • 4-Seater Capacity: It comfortably seats a small family or group of friends ready to explore. 
  • Flexible Cargo Capacity: The 211 L capacity with the seats up is enough for day-trip essentials, and folding the rear seats down expands to 342 L for overnight camping gear. 
  • True Off-Roader: With its robust 4-wheel drive system, low-range gearing, and compact size for tackling tight trails, the Jimny 5-Door excels on challenging terrains. 

Suzuki Fronx 

The powerful Suzuki Fronx blends coupé-inspired styling with SUV practicality. Redefining what you’d expect from a sporty SUV, it offers a compelling option for families wanting both style and space. Its impressive features include: 

  • 5-Seater Capacity: Comfortable seating for a family or group of friends. 
  • Generous Luggage Capacity: The 304 L boot offers unusually generous space for a coupé-inspired SUV, making it ideal for weekend trips or daily errands. 
  • Stylish Focus: The Fronx’s sleek and head-turning design emphasises its sporty appeal without sacrificing practicality. 
  • Adventure Ready: Compared to standard hatchbacks, its higher ground clearance adds a touch of versatility for handling rougher roads or light trails.  

At Thorp Suzuki we understand that every family is unique, which is why our extensive range of vehicles offer you so many different options. Whether you prioritise spaciousness like the Ertiga, adventurous capability like the Jimny 5-Door, or prefer a blend of style and practicality like the Fronx, we have a Suzuki designed to be your perfect family car. 

Looking for something smaller?  

Our nippy Suzuki Swift hatchback is one of South Africa’s most popular smaller family cars. It zips through city streets with ease, as does its sedan-styled counterpart, the Suzuki Dzire. Our petite Suzuki Celerio and the compact 1.2 L powerhouse Suzuki Ignis also handle city traffic with aplomb.  

To find the perfect Suzuki to suit your family’s lifestyle, explore our website, or reach out to our teams at our Thorp Suzuki N1 City, Table View or Table Bay dealerships in Cape Town for expert advice to find the perfect Suzuki for you and your family. And last but not least, you’ll also benefit from our free 10-Year /1 000 000 km warranty exclusive to Thorp, offering added peace of mind to your purchase of an outstanding vehicle!  

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