The Suzuki Jimny: A Compact SUV with Off-Road Capabilities  

Owning a new Suzuki Jimny gives you more than just an SUV – it’s your passport to adventure! With its blend of rugged capability, compact practicality, and modern features, the Jimny will be your trusty companion to take you wherever you wish to wander.  
Two Suzuki Jimny's 5-door. A red and black model.

The beloved Suzuki Jimny is a compact 4×4 SUV known for its ruggedness, versatility and off-road capability. This small but mighty little vehicle is equally at home navigating Cape Town’s city streets or conquering challenging terrains.  

With its distinctive design, four-wheel-drive capabilities, and generous ground clearance, the Suzuki Jimny 4-seater stands out in the compact SUV category, appealing to urban dwellers and adventure enthusiasts alike. 

Find out more about the classic Suzuki Jimny 3-door, or new 5-door Jimny model. 

History of the Suzuki Jimny 

The Jimny has a rich history that began in 1970 with its introduction as the LJ10, a small SUV. This early model and the LJ20 model quickly earned a reputation for punching way above its weight, and became known for its reliability and durability in off-road situations.   

Over the decades, this iconic SUV has evolved, but it’s always maintained its core values of ruggedness and adventure. Today, the Jimny enjoys a global following of dedicated fans who appreciate its rugged charm, impressive capabilities, and indomitable off-road spirit.  

Design and Features 

The 5-door Suzuki Jimny specs include some impressive details for a mini-SUV: 

Exterior Design Elements  

The Jimny 5 door is instantly recognisable with its sturdy and distinctive boxy silhouette and bold grille. Its flared wheel arches add to its muscular stance by accommodating larger tires. Integrated roof rails add to its versatility, practicality, and load-carrying capacity. Six monotone or three dual-tone colour options mean you can buy your Jimny in a colour that you love. 

Interior Features and Comfort   

For its compact size, the Suzuki Jimny interior will surprise you! Once you step inside, you’ll find a surprisingly spacious cabin with ample headroom and legroom. The interior is well-designed, featuring intuitive controls and well-positioned switches that are easy to access and operate.  

Technology and Infotainment Systems 

Depending on the trim level, you’ll find a touchscreen infotainment system with features like seamless smartphone integration, satellite navigation (built-in), and voice recognition for easy, hands-free control of several functions. 

Safety features 

The Suzuki Jimny’s impressive range of safety features include Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) that enhance safety and driver awareness: 

  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) that detects potential collisions and automatically applies the brakes to prevent or mitigates accidents. 
  • Lane departure warning (LDW) that warns the driver if they drift out of their lane. 
  • Front, side, and curtain airbags provide comprehensive protection in a collision.
  • Electronic stability control (ESC) helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle in slippery conditions. 
  • Hill hold control (HHC) and hill descent control (HDC) 
  • Blind spot monitoring with two rear-facing radar sensors.  

Performance that Delivers 

The Jimny is powered by a high-performance 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces around 100 – 105 horsepower and approximately 130 – 140 Newton-metres of torque. This ensures impressive performance and responsive handling, especially in off-road situations. The Jimny comes with a choice of a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.  

Is the Jimny fuel efficient?  

Suzuki Jimny fuel consumption is exceptional for an SUV, at an average of just 6.3l per 100km in the 3-door version, and 6.8l per 100km in the 5-door version.  

Off-Road Capabilities  

The Jimny’s true strength lies in its off-road capabilities. With its robust part-time four-wheel-drive system, it can easily handle challenging terrains like mud, sand, and rocky 4×4 trails. Its generous ground clearance, varying from 210 – 225 mm depending on the model and trim level, ensures you can tackle challenging terrain without scraping your car’s undercarriage. 

Practicality and Versatility 

Don’t let the Jimny’s modest size fool you – foldable rear seats provide flexible cargo space, and some models even offer a removable luggage board for additional storage. The muscular Jimny has a towing capacity of 1,300 to 1,500 kg, depending on the model and configuration. But the Jimny isn’t just an off-road warrior! Its small footprint, excellent manoeuvrability and tight turning circle make it a practical choice for city driving as well. 

How Much Does a Jimny Cost in South Africa? 

At Thorp Suzuki, our Suzuki Jimny prices in South Africa ensure you get great value for money. Our Jimny 3-Door starts from just R399,900, and the exciting new Suzuki Jimny 5-Door from just R429,900. Our competitive Suzuki Jimny prices ensure this outstanding SUV is well within your reach! Each Suzuki Jimny for sale in Cape Town includes our free 10-year, 1-million km warranty exclusive to Thorp. 

Owning a new Suzuki Jimny gives you more than just an SUV – it’s your passport to adventure! With its blend of rugged capability, compact practicality, and modern features, the Jimny will be your trusty companion to take you wherever you wish to wander.  

Ready to experience the Jimny’s charm for yourself in the Western Cape? Our Suzuki experts at Thorp Table View, Thorp N1 City and Thorp Table Bay Mall in Sunningdale, Cape Town, will be delighted to help you.  

Book a test drive at Thorp Suzuki today and discover why this tough little SUV has captured the hearts of drivers around the world for more than half a century!

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