Top 5 Suzuki Cars of All Time – A Look at the Best Ever Suzuki Models

If you’ve ever wondered why so many South African drivers love Suzuki cars as much as they do, then this blog is for you!
Suzuki Vitara Wheel

If you’ve ever wondered why so many South African drivers love Suzuki cars as much as they do, then this blog is for you! Today, we’re diving into the world of the automotive powerhouse of Suzuki, known for their innovative designs, dependable performance, and value for money. This has made Suzuki cars one of the top-selling brands on the roads of South Africa, and they’ve become synonymous with reliability and affordability worldwide.

Whether you’re in the market for a family car, or a sports car that ensures an adrenaline-fuelled ride, Suzuki cars in South Africa have a model for everyone. So, buckle up as we count down the Top 5 Suzuki cars models: the versatile Suzuki Baleno, the ever-popular Suzuki Swift, the rugged Suzuki Jimny, the stylish Suzuki Vitara, and the exhilarating Suzuki Swift Sport. Join us as we take a closer look at these legendary Suzuki car models: 

5. Suzuki Baleno 

As our number 5, the economical, compact Suzuki Baleno merges sleek aesthetics with practicality. Its eye-catching aerodynamic design enhances fuel efficiency, and it has a spacious cabin and generous boot space. This offers ample room for passengers and luggage, making it perfect for city commutes and weekend getaways. 

Its outstanding driveability features include easy manoeuvrability, an intuitive infotainment system and robust safety systems. Its numerous accolades and awards over the years underline its quality and appeal. 

4. Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift perfectly blends style and functionality. Its sleek design ensures excellent aerodynamics, boosting its fuel efficiency. Its sporty look makes it a head-turner on the road, and inside it offers a surprisingly spacious interior with ample legroom and headspace. It also has generous storage space, making it suitable for family outings, as well as city use.

On the road, the Suzuki Swift really shines with its fuel efficiency. In the city it offers nimble handling, easy parking, and advanced safety and connectivity technologies. Over the years, the Swift has earned a plethora of awards and accolades. Following its outstanding performance as South Africa’s top-selling car in 2022, Car Magazine states that “South African consumers purchased more Suzuki Swifts than any other passenger vehicle” during April 2023. 

3. Suzuki Jimny 

The Suzuki Jimny is a compact powerhouse that looms large amongst South African off-road vehicles due to its rugged capabilities. It’s able to conquer terrain that challenges more cumbersome vehicles. The Jimny’s off-road prowess includes a robust 4×4 system, high ground clearance, and features like hill hold and descent control.

The Jimny’s compact size, distinctive design, impressive capabilities and versatility, make it suited for navigating both the wilderness and the urban jungle! In fact, the global community of Jimny enthusiasts just continues to grow, drawn by stories of its exploits and versatility. The new Suzuki Jimny 5-door is sure to cement its outstanding reputation even further. 

2. Suzuki Grand Vitara 

The Suzuki Grand Vitara, is a powerful, compact SUV that combines ruggedness with comfort and exceptional value for money. It demonstrates the evolution of design and technology in the realm of compact SUVs. It’s evolved from a rugged off-roader to a sophisticated urban SUV without losing any of its adventure creds.  With its sleek, modern design, cutting-edge technology and advanced safety systems, the Grand Vitara is a compelling choice as a Suzuki family car and adventure vehicle. 

This is achieved through features like its ALLGRIP 4-wheel drive system, and its comfortable, well-appointed, spacious interior that seats five adults in comfort. Whether you opt for a smooth 5-speed manual transmission, or a 4-speed automatic transmission, the Vitara ensures an extraordinary driving experience.

1. Suzuki Swift Sport 

Topping our list at number 1, we describe this Suzuki sports car as bold, unapologetic, and invigorating, and it’s all that and more! It infuses the beloved Swift model with a high-octane blend of performance, fun and exhilaration, without compromising on efficiency or practicality. Its design is both aggressive and aerodynamic, and the interior complements this with a driver-focused cockpit and sport seats.

Performance and handling are where the Swift Sport truly shines, with a turbocharged engine that delivers impressive responsive power. Its lightweight chassis and finely tuned suspension ensures nimble handling. This combination of power, precision, and agility is sure to further cement the Swift Sport as a favourite among driving enthusiasts, where it sets standards for performance hatchbacks. You can choose a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission. Its many awards and accolades include People’s Choice Car of the Year 2018 in New Zealand, winner of the Budget Car of the Year, 2019/2020 in South Africa, and various other awards

Honourable Mentions

While our Top 5 Suzuki Cars highlights the best of what Suzuki has to offer, there are many other Suzuki cars in SA that deserve an honourable mention! Here are just three of them:

  1. Suzuki ErtigaWith a perfect blend of practicality, style, and comfort, the Ertiga MPV offers sleek design, a spacious interior, and outstanding performance. 
  2. Suzuki Celerio – With exceptional fuel efficiency and compact design, this is an ideal city car. Its roomy interior and high level of standard equipment offer great value for buyers looking for an economical and reliable vehicle. 
  3. Suzuki Ignis – With noteworthy styling, compact dimensions, and versatile performance, the Ignis’s is a compact, yet SUV-like footprint, efficient powertrain and lightweight construction, ensures a lively performance and excellent fuel efficiency.

Suzuki FAQs:

Which is the best Suzuki car?

Though the answer to this will ultimately depend on individual needs, preferences, and priorities, the Suzuki Swift Sport is regarded by many South African drivers as the best Suzuki car.

What is the most popular Suzuki model?

In terms of sales and widespread recognition, the Suzuki Swift is Suzuki’s most popular car due to its blend of stylish design, affordability, fuel efficiency, and reliable performance. 

What is the most reliable used Suzuki

This is a difficult question as many pre-owned Suzukis are regarded as reliable, like the Suzuki Ignis and the Suzuki Vitara. However, the Suzuki Alto, known for its compact size, excellent fuel efficiency, and minimal maintenance requirements, is often singled out as very reliable.

At Thorp Suzuki, your exclusive Suzuki dealership in the Western Cape, we pride ourselves on offering our clients some of the best vehicles on the planet. We back this up with excellent after sales service and more than 30 years of top-notch customer service. The five outstanding vehicles we’ve singled out above are just some of the many excellent new and pre-owned vehicles we have on offer for you. Make sure you stay informed about our promotions and latest special Suzuki offers.  

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